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5 ways to honor teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day

Kc teacher appreciation

May 3-7, 2021 is Teacher Appreciation Week and Tuesday May 4, 2021 is Teacher Appreciation Day. We all know how hard teachers have worked all over the world this past year - especially in our own Kansas City metro area. Here are 5 valuable ways you can honor teachers this year. 

Write a simple "thank you' note.

Teachers have been extremely stressed about how to ensure our children are receiving the care and instruction they need. A handmade card, note, or even a personalized email message is such an easy and effective way to show the teacher(s) in your kids' lives just how much they mean to you. Be sure and mention a favorite memory, or how they have impacted your child personally. Then, include something about what you cherish most about them. Consider doing a big class "thank you" note if you're able to coordinate it amongst students and parents. These special thank yous are more valued by teachers than most people realize. 

Offer your help or assistance.

The work of a teacher can be overwhelming at times, especially for those who are also moms. They've had to balance teaching their own children while teaching children in the classroom. Consider offering to help with small tasks or cleaning the classroom up after school. Offer your time to collate papers or organize supplies - anything that helps lighten their load. 

Give teachers a chance to unwind and relax.
Teachers with young children have stressed to the max. Self care and relaxation is a wonderful gift to help promote mental health. You might think about putting together a fun relaxation kit to help them unwind and de-stress after a long week. You can include items like essential oils and/or diffusers, scented candles, at-home spa treatments like face masks, scrubs, etc., hot tea, and pre-packaged baked goods, treats, or healthy snacks. 

Make your gifts meaningful.
We all know teachers are often underpaid and are charged with taking on different roles in their profession. They are caretakers in so many ways. Now more than ever, they deserve a truly meaningful gift. Consider personalizing your gift and tailoring it to them specifically. This can go a long way to show them how much they're cared for and valued.


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