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Unique Products and Gear for Parenting On The Go

We're excited to be sharing these fantastic product finds for unique baby and kid gear for on-the-go parenting! These will all be must-haves this spring and summer season as you get ready to enjoy all the family fun KC has to offer. Read more about them below, then comment to let us know which product you love the most.


Ulubulu Baby Bib - non-toxic silicone bib for use throughout the day. Ulubulu Baby Bibs are 100% silicone bibs, a non-toxic alternative to the various plastic and vinyl bibs on the market. 11 different animal shaped styles, including Hippo, Elephant, Frog, Tiger, Cow, Shark and more, make Ulubulu Bibs the cutest and most fun bibs on the market. Each Ulubulu has an adjustable neck and nifty crumb-catching pocket. Can be safely washed in the dishwasher or easily wiped clean. $9.99

Sachi Bags

Sachi Insulated Food Handbags - bring a picnic lunch in style. Sachi Insulated Food Handbags are insulated, fashionable lunch bags suitable for any on the go setting.  Stylish and roomy enough to double as a handbag, while effectively keeping food hot or cold as desired.  Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.  $5.99 - $27.99. 

Inchbug Labels


Inchbug Orbit Labels - easily distinguish kids' sippy cups, drink bottles, baby bottles and snack cups from other childrens'. Inchbug Orbit Labels is a line of cute, elastic rubber orbit labels that makes labeling kids' drink and snack containers easy and hassle-free.  The Inchbug labels are personalized, non-adhesive, reusable and come in a variety of colors.  No more black-sharpie-pen writing on everything, peeling labels or removing sticky residue from adhesive labels.  Inchbug's stretchy, elastic design allows it to snugly fit around or "orbit" a container, but can simply be taken off when not needed.  The Inchbug labels work great on drink containers in sizes ranging from 4 ounce baby bottles up to 30 ounce sport bottles as well as common toiletry items and can even be used on flashlights and other gadgets.  $12.95 per 4-pack ($13.95 for 3D icon option)

My Drinky

MyDrinky - no more juice box messes. MyDrink is an innovative, adjustable juice box holder that easily secures any size juice/milk box or pouch making it easy for kids to drink without causing a mess from squeezing it.  Easily adjusts to fit the smallest 4 oz boxes and pouches up to the larger 8 oz versions. Unique 2-piece system locks into place, keeping the juice box/pouch from falling out.  $5.95,



Nufoot - unique indoor children's footwear for indoor activities. Nufoot is a revolution in young children's footwear.  Made from comfy but sturdy neoprene, they are water and germ resistant.  Great for a play date over at a friend's house or a day at an indoor playground or kids' activity center.  Light-weight and skid resistant soles help stabilize, but not so sticky on the floor as to cause children to trip, as experienced with many other types of toddler and children's indoor footwear.  The 4-way stretch neoprene fabric accommodates growing feet, stretching as your child grows, staying comfortably snug at all times.  $12.99 - $14.99 depending on style,

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Rob O'Neill

Upon checking out this one, I noticed that you have some baby items that is really cool, that silicone baby bibs. Many moms are now using silicone baby bibs because it is made from high quality materials. It will always be better to use these said baby bibs than the traditional one. In fact, it can make life more easier because it is not so hard to clean.

Beverly J. Jefferson

I like the designs and the items that is in your blog because of one thing, it is made from light materials that are easy to carry and to clean. Very unique and cute.

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