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WIN Tickets to see The Fresh Beat Band LIVE in Kansas City!

It's finally  come - our first GIVEAWAY of 2012, and it's a biggie!  We first told you about The Fresh Beat Band back in November and now we've got your chance to win tickets!  They're on a 15-week, 50-city tour across the US and they'll be stopping by for a fun show on February 24, 2012 at The Midland in Kansas City's Power & Light District for a 5 p.m. show.

So, wanna win?  Just check out all the different ways to enter:


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My daughter would LOOOVE to see The Fresh Beat Band! Hoping we win!!

Crystal H

Fresh Beat rocks our socks off!


My DD would LOVE this!!

Dying to take my twins to this show!

Heather Browne

My daughter would love to see all of them live! Hope to win!


This is one of my daughter's favorites. She would love it!


We would love these tickets!

Erin Fields

This would be so much fun for our son!

Beth R

Thank you for the giveaway! We would love to go


My girls are OBSESSED with The Fresh Beat Band! This would be the perfect birthday turns 4 next week and the other turns 6 in March :)


My Daughter loves to "Ooo Ooo, Yeah yeah" with the Fresh Beats Band and will love to go with her BFF if we win!


My daughter wants to go SO SO bad, I hope we win these tickets!!

My son would love this!!!!


My daughters would love to see the Fresh Beat Band!

Melissa C.

I have a little niece that would love to go to this! Thanks!


Fun! This would be a great bday present for my daughter!

Ashley McCormick-Troyer

OH the Fresh Beat Band... my 4 year old is obsessed and has been since they first made their appearance on the old Noggin Channel! She would love to go!

Jodi Miller

"Friend Like You" is "our song" for my two little men and me. Would love to rock out to our song in person!


My kids would have a great time!

Amber P.

My 2 year old daughter LOVES them!!! She sings and dances with them and would do it all day long. She even knows all the words!!! Would love to share this experience with her!!!


My daughter loves the Fresh Beat Band! when they come on she gets so excited and says "My Band"!


So, very, very want to see the Fresh Beat Brand along with an old friend and her daughter.


We want to go!


the kids will be soooo excited to go see them in person


I waited to buy tickets too long and now it is sold out! My daughter would LOVE to go!

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