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Ella's Sitter Service Makes Life Easier for KC Moms!

Are you or someone you know looking for reliable, affordable sitters & child care for your kids these long summer days?  Well, don't forget to book your sitter!  As a busy mom of two, I know first-hand that sometimes it's so hard to make plans because booking a babysitter causes more stress than it's worth to actually go out!  Well, now there's a great solution for KC parents.

Ella's Silver Spoon Sitters was created by Overland Park residents familiar with the challenges that most metro residences face when searching for a reliable sitter.  Silver Spoon Sitters are not your average babysitters.  All sitters are background checked & certified in CPR & First Aid.  Ella's Sitters don't arrive empty-handed; our Sitters abide by and have a strict no TV policy so expect your child to be entertained and educated with games and activities that your Sitter plans with you in advance!  Seriously, what mom doesn't LOVE that??! 

To book a sitter now or for more information on how the program works, contact them via email at chelle (at) silverspoonsitters (dot) com.  Here's the best part - the first 4 people to contact Ella's will receive a FREE membership & everyone that mentions kcmetromoms will receive $25 off membership! Get all the details at

Now, get out there and go on a date with your loved one or get out for a moms night out!  You can trust Ella's Sitters to put your mind at ease!


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Steve Holder

Really? I had a terrible experience with Ella's SilverSpoon Sitters. I would use caution


Thanks for your feedback. Would love to know more. Feel free to email me directly.

Chelle McAfee

We here @ Silver Spoon Sitters have never serviced nor heard of a customer by the name of Steve Holder. If he would contact us that would be much appreciated!! Whatever the problem if there was any we will rectify it. We have over 200 members in KC and have NEVER had a problem or unsatisfied customer. We will provide reference from as many customers as you would like that have been very satisfied with our service.


If you are a nanny, do not get involved with this business. The manager is not on your side and will drop you in a second. I worked a 2-week trial period for a family, and it wasn't a good fit, so when I told them that, they only paid me for 2 days. Not to mention the manager lied to me about the hours I would work and the hourly pay I would receive (which went in to the job not being a good fit). It has gone down in history as the worst work experience I have ever had.


I'm in the same boat Steve. We had an awesome nanny that was set up by Ella's. But it seems as though some type of disagreement went down between Ella's Silverspoon and our nanny, so our nanny was let go. Chelle has not been in contact with us at all. We've called, emailed, text, and facebook messaged her. Nothing. Chelle can't be trusted and is an immoral person. If someone is thinking of using this service, think again as Chelle will likely leave you high and dry scrambling to find someone to watch your kids.


After less than a year, it seems as though there was a disagreement of some sort between this service and the nanny that we had hired. We absolutely loved our nanny, and she was very reliable. Then one day, our nanny just didn't show up and didn't answer any of our calls or texts. We then attempted to contact Chelle(owner) to try to find something out. Was our nanny ok? Did something happen to her? We never received ANY type of communication from Chelle. We did finally get a hold of our nanny, and she told us that she was not allowed to have contact with us, but didn't share any other information with us. So now we're scrambling to find reliable coverage and still don't know what happened. With both my wife and I working full(or more than full) time, we rely heavily on having someone great being there for our daughters. How is it that this company can just pull the rug out from under us but not provide any communication to us at all? Again, we've been trying to get a hold of Chelle via phone, text, emails, and even Facebook, but nothing. If you are considering using this service, BEWARE Chelle doesn't seem to feel an ounce of guilt in regards to leaving parents high and dry.

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